The government has advised that printed magazines are not considered essential under the news and media designation while we are in Covid-19 alert level 4. 

As a result, we’re sad to say TV Guide will not be produced or distributed during this period and for the time being subscriptions will not be sold. 

You will still be able to enjoy the best of TV Guide content with dedicated pages in your local metropolitan and regional newspaper every Thursday and Friday, and a what-to-watch feature in the Sunday Star-Times. Look out for a full page of TV Guide puzzles in Friday papers! Pick a paper up at your local supermarket or dairy, or you can subscribe

If you were planning to purchase TV Guide as a gift, a good alternative could be buying a Mags4Gifts Gift Card. This way, when TV Guide is back on sale a subscription can be purcahsed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision however it is outside our control. We do however understand the need to play our part in minimising the movement of people, reducing potential transmission, and reducing strain on supply and delivery industries that may be required to support other essential services like health and food supply.