Meet the editor of NZ Gardener

We speak to editor Jo McCarroll editor of NZ Gardener magazine.

What is NZ Gardener Magazine? Who is it for and what does it cover?

NZ Gardener magazine is New Zealand's oldest and best gardening magazine. Published continuously since 1944, this is not a glossy publication designed to grace coffee tables: it is a down-to-earth companion for keen gardeners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. It is a practical, useful companion for gardeners of all skill levels, featuring inspiring gardens and gardeners from all around New Zealand.

What's the best part about being the editor of NZ Gardener Magazine?

Editing NZ Gardener magazine is a blast! I get to visit outstanding gardens all over the country and meet some of the amazing plantspeople who call New Zealand home.

What can readers expect from future issues of NZ Gardener Magazine?

More incredible gardens packed with ideas for your own garden and advice from fellow gardeners about what's gone right - and what's gone wrong - at their place. Heaps of practical tips, DIY projects, seasonal recipes and the latest horticultural science, as well as amazing plants and inspiring design.

What can international reads expect from this title?

If you love plants and gardens, you'll love NZ Gardener. You'll get a chance to see inside the private gardens of clever Kiwi plantspeople and that's guaranteed to inspire you, wherever you are. Just be warned though, you might end up moving to this beautiful country!

If NZ Gardener Magazine had a motto what would it be?

Let's get growing!